Ford EcoSport-Comes in early 2018

2018 Ford EcoSport Preview

Ford is finally breaking into the compact SUV US market in the upcoming year by introducing its newest crossover, the 2018 Ford EcoSport. This model has only been previously available in foreign markets, but it will finally be in Ford’s lineup here in America in early 2018.


The EcoSport will be the smallest of the Ford SUV lineup, and can be seen as a blend between the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Escape. Its $20,990 starting price is among the lowest in its class, which will make it a fierce competitor in the market. Read on to discover what the Ford EcoSport will offer in early 2018.


Choose one of two powertrain options

The Ford EcoSport will be available in front wheel drive (2WD) or four wheel drive (4WD). The first is a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 123 horsepower. The second four wheel drive option will cost approximately $1500 extra, but you’ll receive the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated model, which will have between 143 and 167 horsepower and 137- 149 pound-feet of torque.


Both of these options will have six-speed automatic transmissions and auto stop-start technology for improved fuel economy. A distinguishing feature of the EcoSport is the rear gate, which swings horizontally like a door rather than vertically like a hatchback. The S or standard version of the EcoSport will include a backup camera, two USB ports, Bluetooth, and a 4.2-inch central display.


Ford EcoSport trim levels

The basic S model may satisfy some buyers (it’s the only version you can add a tailgate-mounted spare tire for an additional $185), but the SE, SES, and Titanium options have a lot to offer with their added price tags.


Ford EcoSport SE

The Ford EcoSport SE is the next step up from the S. For $23,900 (an extra $3090), you’ll get:

  • A sunroof
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Heated front seats
  • Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system (6.5-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability)

If you want to upgrade further, you can request another add-on package for $1295 that includes blind spot warning for safer driving, an upgrade to an 8.0-inch screen and navigation, as well as a household 110-volt power outlet for powering laptops or power tools.


And for the long, cold New Jersey winters, you’ll want to opt for the cold weather package to keep you warm and safe with a heated steering wheel and a windshield de-icer.


Ford EcoSport SES

The EcoSport SES trim comes in at $27,735 with and offers a slightly sportier look with a dark magnetic gray grill and wheel treatments, black roof rails with crossbars, tinted headlamps, and on the interior, there are dramatic copper accents on the seats and dashboard. It also comes standard with the 2.0L/4WD.


Ford EcoSport Titanium

The Titanium version of the Ford EcoSport is top of the line, even though it’s actually priced lower than the SES at $26,735. But that’s because the SES comes standard with the 2.0L/4WD, and you have both choices of powertrain with the Titanium option.


Opting for the Titanium version means you’ll receive some interesting new technology, including the B&O Play premium audio system. Ford has teamed up with Bang and Olufsen, a high-end consumer electronics company that emphasizes premium sound and aesthetic design. The B&O sound system brings 675 watts of amplification and 10-speakers to the cabin interior. The interior also has leather upholstery and comes with 17-inch wheels.


Why choose an EcoSport in 2018?

If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle in the immediate future, you’ll likely be scoping out what new models are being offered by auto manufacturers in 2018. If you’re wondering whether you should opt for a mid-sized car or SUV, there are a number of reasons to hold out and wait to test drive the new Ford EcoSport.


The Ford EcoSport is a small and versatile urban CUV (crossover utility vehicle), which is an option that falls between a mid-sized car and an SUV. And because of this, you can get the best of both worlds. With the EcoSport, you’ll be able to take advantage of better fuel economy compared to an SUV, but still have increased cargo space, as well as the benefit of being higher off the ground. This can be an advantage driving on poor road conditions, even poorly-maintained city streets or road areas under construction.


Where can I test drive a Ford EcoSport?

Your local Ford dealership will have Ford EcoSports in their lots for viewing and test drives in early 2018. If you’re interested in purchasing the new Ford EcoSpot and live in Wall Township, NJ or the surrounding areas, speak with the Ford experts at Seabreeze Ford. We’ll keep you posted on when the Ford EcoSport has arrived and then plan your test drive. For information, call 732-681-1600 today.


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