Why Fords are the Best Off-Roading Option

Not all 4X4s are created equal. Oh, the salespeople at every major dealership will certainly find something to brag about, but if you are looking for superior off-roading capabilities, then there is only one automotive manufacturer that checks all of the boxes. As a staple in the U.S. truck market for generations, Ford is proud to offer a full line of off-road options, including SUVs like the Explorer or Expedition and trucks in the F Series and Super Duty lines. Here are a few reasons why Fords are the best off-roading options on the market.

Variety of 4X4 options

It goes without saying that if you want to go off-roading, then you need a vehicle that has four-wheel drive. Fortunately, Ford has plenty options! We have four unstoppable vehicle lines that are capable of taking you anywhere you want to go: The Expedition, The Explorer, The F series, and The Super Duty. Each line has a number of models, giving you over 35 different 4WD SUVs or trucks to choose from! When you add in a plethora of power, handling, safety, interior, and exterior options, then you can truly create the off-roading beast your adventurous soul deserves.

Ground clearance

Getting stuck on a rock or high-centering in the middle of your off-road adventure is embarrassing, to say the least, so you need a truck or SUV that is high enough off the ground to pass over obstacles with ease. Standing tall is the only way to go, which is why all of Ford’s off-road capable vehicles have a minimum ground clearance of at least 7.8”. The Ford Raptor is king of them all with a ground clearance of 9.4”!

FX4 off-road package

If you are planning on taking your Ford off-roading, then the FX4 package is a must. There are many amazing features included in this package, but the most important off-road options are the protective skid plates under the fuel tank, transfer case, and front differential. The last thing you want when blazing your own trail is a rogue rock punching through your undercarriage, so don’t even consider going off-roading without protective underguarding.

Tuned front and rear shocks are another significant feature of the FX4 package, especially when paired with an electronic locking differential. Not only does this offer a smoother ride, but ensures that both wheels on an axle are rotating at the same speed, meaning if f one wheel is suspended in the air or slipping on slick terrain, it will still turn at the same rate as its counterpart.

The Ford FX4 package also has hill descent control, an innovative feature that allows you to keep both feet on the floor – not on the brake – as you descend a steep hill. By utilizing the vehicles ABS and drive train, hill descent will keep you moving at a pre-set speed, so all you have to do is trust your truck and focus on the obstacles in front of you.

360- degree camera

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see what’s going on around as you traverse a particularly rocky trail? Want to know what’s on the other side of the ridge instead of driving into unknown territory? Well, now you can with Ford’s 360-degree camera! If you are going 5mph or slower, you can engage the camera and have a bird’s-eye, top-down view of your vehicle and its surroundings. Pair this feature with the 8” productivity screen that sits below the speedometer and you will be able to ascertain the pitch as well as the direction your wheels are facing.

For an off-roading experience you won’t soon forget, make the smart choice and go with one of Ford’s powerhouse 4WD options. From the F-150 that won six awards in 2017 alone to the confident and comfortable Explorer, you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. To find out more information, call the friendly team at Seabreeze Ford at (888) 570-3423 or come in for a test drive!


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